Picture Day Tips

Picture Day Tips

  • Relax

  • Picture day should be fun, not stressful. Especially for younger kids, having a picture taken can already be a bit stressful. So just relax, and don't forget - if you don't like the way the picture turns out, there's always retake day!
  • What to Wear

  • Remember that bold colors photograph better than solid white or black clothing. Sleeves (short or long) look better than none. Simple textures and solid colors photograph beautifully and don't distract from the student's face.
  • What to Bring

  • Make sure to bring a completed form with payment included on picture day. We can't accept late money.
  • Accessories

  • Wearing only simple accessories will assure that the focus is where it should be - on the student's face.
  • Glasses

  • Our photographers make every attempt to eliminate glare from glasses, but despite this, it can still happen. You may be able to borrow a pair of frames without lenses from your optometrist.