Standard Services

  • These are just some of the school services that we provide. Contact us if you want to find out more, or to request samples.
  • ID Cards

  • Our ID cards are available with custom designs, incorporating your school logo and colors. They are printed the moment we photograph the student for portraits - no waiting in multiple lines. We offer clips and lanyards for easy ID accessibility.
  • Administrative Discs

  • Whatever software you use to index your student information and images, we almost certainly have an administrative disc type that is compatible. We can do a wide variety of types. We also provide software that you can use to print certificates and ID cards. We even have directory software that can be installed on your handheld device so that you can access student info on the go.
  • Student Directories

  • Keep track of your students easily with our full-color student directory books. Our student directories (or "mug books") are made available after your school's picture days. We provide them in a variety of sort orders for you to choose from.
  • Sticker Prints

  • We offer full-color stickers with each student's first and last name for teachers and staff to use for filing, identification, or any fun use you can come up with. Sticker prints come on easy-to-peel sheets that feature a color student image, and that student's name.
  • Recognition Items

  • We have a wide variety of certificates and awards that can be personalized with a student's photograph. Software that we can provide makes printing certificates on demand easy. We can even create a certificate or award design to suit your needs!
  • Yearbook Services

  • We can provide any major yearbook disc standard, as well as a disc of all your students' images listed by first or last name, grade, and homeroom. We also provide discs of any activity that we photograph, from clubs and teams to staff and graduation, so that you can make your yearbook as memorable as possible. For elementary schools we have yearbook printing services available so that you can have all of your yearbook needs taken care of easily in one place. For more information, see our yearbook services page.
  • Groups

  • We have many group programs for whatever kind of team, club, or staff picture you could want. Our custom borders are selected to match your school colors.
  • Panoramic Photographs

  • Our panoramic photographs are also customized with your school colors and title that you choose. They can be shot both indoors and outdoors. Our special panoramic system allows us to create extremely high-resolution digital panoramic images that produce exceptionally sharp, clear pictures. Compare one of our samples to any of our competitors, and you'll be sure to see immediately how our panoramic pictures surpass them in clarity and detail!